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Cush Consulting Group is an international multicultural marketing communications and public relations boutique firm that was started in Chicago, Illinois. We specialize in the creative branding & development of educational, cultural and philanthropic projects. We strive to make a positive impact on the human intellect, by engaging and promoting cultural communications, educational initiatives and philanthropy as supporting vehicles.  Life, as we see it, is a luscious garden, and we’re eager to help nurture the gardens in your fields.

From advanced and professional English language instruction, to multicultural corporate staff integration training, we do it. If you know a little about ancient history, then you may be familiar with the land of Cush. Cush was an ancient kingdom throughout Northern and Eastern Africa known for its vast trading capabilities and wealth. Cush represents the heart of Egypt at its best and the Nile River. At Cush Consulting Group, we are connoisseurs of integrating multicultural, educational and philanthropic projects into inspiring and productive business objectives.

Our international team of consultants are impressively experienced. Combined, we are native and professional speakers of English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Arabic, Hausa, Twi and Yoruba, to name a few. We all have extensive corporate relations, global business development, international journalism and communications experience. We are a diverse team of marketers, technologists, writers, creative gurus and humanitarians. We love extraordinary projects, companies, and to stand out among the crowd. Most importantly, we collectively have great work ethics and have set out to make a positive impact.


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  1. I want to tell that you possess an exceptional internet site here. I cannot remember when was the last moment when i found this sort of a great site like yours.

    • Thank you. We worked hard to present the vision of the company into images and words.

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