veiled.womenCush is a growing company, and we’re always seeking dynamic, professional and talented people to collaborate with or outsource various projects to.  If you are a consultant, multilingual professional, market research professional, digital marketing and cultural relations professional and or a tour guide in your local city, then we want to speak with you. If you’re none of the listed professions, then we’re still interested in speaking with you. We usually have various involvements going on, and can always use the expertise of qualified and diverse applicants.  While we do not hire full time or part time employees, we hire on a per project and short term contract basis.  All of our consultants and collaborators have other career commitments and only work on our projects as needed.  If you believe in our objective, can work on a per project basis and have what it takes to make an impact, please forward your resume to or submit your information below.

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  1. If you hiring new staff and If you want to have a copy of my CV please let me know.

    • We are currently recruiting for a healthcare cultural exchange project and a educational cultural exchange project. Please send CV to and insert your interest in the subject line.

      • Hello! Are there any job opportunities at the moment? I am a tourism professional interested in cultural, educational projects and tourism marketing.
        Thank you,

        • Hello Alexandra,

          Thank you for inquiring with Cush Consulting Group. There are currently no tourism based projects in Spain. We do have a current tourism project occuring in Manchester, England. Please send us an email at if interested.

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