The heart of Cush Consulting Group is our philanthropic vision and interest to support the common good. We live and work to give, and are constantly pursuing partnerships with well-established and/or progressive people, charities, non-profits and non-governmental organizations around the globe in an effort to publicize their good works and make a difference. We encourage you to be a philanthropic partner by joining us in our efforts to change lives. We are always updating our donor list, and will keep you informed on impressive global donor activities at your request.  You may also click the ‘Paypal’ button below to make a secured donation to support our philanthropic fund.

So far our philanthropic involvements are going towards:  For a in depth list, please email

Sri Lanka Flood Relief

Various selected GoFund Me Campaigns related to educational and cultural pursuits

Barcelona Global

Selected Nigerian Youths giveaways

EU Migrant Crisis



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