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International Marketing & Communications:  We promote your educational, cultural or philanthropic project, brand or service into international markets via technology, relationship building and lead generation. Our team of consultants are retained to do your leg work in various international markets or settings.  Business & client development is our forte. We’re strategic lead generators. With the growth of the internet, we provide you qualified leads that will build solid business relationships and effect your objective. Social media management & coordination, Google Ad-words, Search Engine Optimization and the mastery of words plays a big part part in what we do.  From virtual administrative communication to the coordination of brand marketing agendas, we provide the solutions, direction and assistance required for its success..

Public Relations & Communications: We write and create educational and training manuals for various events, conferences and training seminars in various languages. If you need help communicating to your audience, we can do it. With experience in content writing, transcription, interpretation services, article writing, press releases, blogging and production filming, we will impact your image, voice and idea into an innovative and creative concept that sells, promotes and speaks volumes.

Multi-culture & Tourism Marketing:  We promote diversity, cultural integration and conduct multicultural marketing campaigns. With our international presence in Chicago and Barcelona Spain, we also assist with cultural services for tourists in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Barcelona, Morocco, London, Denmark, Prague, Turkey, Cyprus, Nigeria and Ghana. Our strong network of tour guides and professional collaboration with cultural/tourist related companies throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East has positioned us to provide you with a vast list of cultural experiences to choose from.  We pride ourselves on collaborating with various multicultural activities in both the corporate and private sector.

Language & Educational Development:   We’re certified to teach English on advanced business and diplomatic levels. We also provide various solutions for businesses and professionals seeking to engage in sales training, coaching, professional speaking, emerging technologies, expat professional development and study abroad programs. Additional language proficiency instruction provided upon demand.

Business Management & Communications:  As we embark on various projects with you, we like to make sure you’re covered by also providing virtual assistance, telecommunications and business communication service support. Depending on your needs, we use various technologies. From various cloud storage, international professional voice messaging services, international business addresses and email marketing campaigns, to customized project communication services such as customer support and telesales agents.

Consultancy:  Do you have a special project or idea? Perhaps you have a team of developers, technical writers or department that need to be managed or supported.  You may even be interested in a feasibility study to determine the bottom line.  Whatever the case may be, we can provide you with a free 15 minute consultancy sharing our ideas and expertise on various solutions relative to your request.  Our experience and collaboration in customized market research projects, case and feasibility studies can be an asset to your goals.

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6 thoughts on “Our Services

  1. I would like to know about TEFL, and the requirements for Indian for teaching in South-east Asia and Europe.

    • Hi Archana, we can certainly assist you with that. Please check you email for details. Cheers.

  2. A teacher by profession, interested in working abroad to experience different cultures and literature.

    • Welcome to Cush Consulting Group. It is an honorable interest to be interested in learning different cultures. At Cush, we pride ourselves on being multi cultural consultants. Thumbs up to you. Lets schedule a time to talk.

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