Providing international, virtual and remote communication services for companies across the globe.  


Outsourcing Services

Interested in outsourcing some of your work to an international team?   We organize project teams and international  consultants to work on various outsourced, remote and virtual projects.  While our work with  clients are customized per client specification, our niche markets focus on educational, cultural and philanthropic initiatives.  Our projects include virtual call center management, virtual assistant and administrative communication services, content/blogging, multi lingual transcription, training workshops and more.  

International Relations

We provide consulting and business development services for projects targeting international markets consumers and projects.  Our projects involve providing due diligence reports and leads for start ups, off shore call center management, content development for multi lingual audiences and virtual counselor relations for markets that are in need of multi lingual and English speaking professionals.  Contact us today to know more about our relationships with global companies and partners.  

Content & Communications

We provide direct content, public relation solutions, and market communication strategies  specifically  for cultural, educational and philanthropic initiatives.   Our work includes creating technical documents,  data analytics, research, training manuals and sphere heading email and marketing communication campaigns.


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